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Insurance Brokers specializing in Marine & Air Cargos

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          Cargo Insurance covers property that is accepted by the carrier for transportation and for which a freight charge is paid. There are mainly 2 types of cargo policies. A voyage policy covers cargo for a single trip described in the policy. An open cargo policy is essentially a reporting form policy that covers all goods shipped or received by the insured during the term of the policy. The insured periodically pays premiums to the insurer based on reports from the insured of covered shipments. The open cargo policy is better suited to the needs of an insured who frequently ships or receives goods overseas.

          The open cargo policy also permits the insured to prepare "Special Policies" or certificate of insurance as may be required in ocean commerce. A special policy is a complete insurance policy that is sometimes required to accompany a shipment of cargo and is assignable to anyone having an insurable interest in the property during the course of transit. 

           Some of our valuable clientele who have open policy  for their shipments through this firm's services are :


Hyundai Corporation (USA) SKC America, Inc.
SK Global America, Inc. Pac-Marine Co., Ltd.
Pusan Pipe America, Inc. Kumkang America, Inc.
Shinho USA, Inc. Western International, Inc.
Hyosung (America), Inc. Northwest Wood Specialifies, Inc.
Dongkuk International, Inc. Coyote Timber Sales.
Union Steel America, Inc. And Many Other Business Groups.
Ssangyong (U.S.A.), Inc.  
DSL Corporation  
YNJ Corporation and etc.  












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