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Insurance Adjusters & Surveyors

Adjusting G/A, P/A, collecting G/A Contribution, settling claims and providing Subrogation Claims Recovery Services for the Underwriters worldwide and etc. specializing in Marine, Air & Inland Transit.

Our survey network covers the whole area of North America including the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico as well as other places in the world and it is our standing policy to respond to the assignments immediately, within 24 hours from the receipt at the latest.

    Damage survey of ships & cargoes

    Pre-loading & general out-turn survey

    Repair costs estimation

    Salvage services for maximum recoup

To avoid confusion, surveyors are assigned who are located nearest the Port or City, all assignments are centrally controlled in our Carson/Los Angeles office.



Suite 232, 500 Carson Plaza Dr., Carson, CA  90746

Tel : 1-310-715-1600

Fax : 1-310-715-2600


Available on a moment's notice night or day, any day of the year, exclusively to protect your interests and determine actual cause of Damage or Loss which later will help your Claim Process and Subrogation Claims Recovery.

Based on the Survey Findings we serve the principals with our comprehensive service mode obtaining all information/ Documentations to verify the possible claims and liable parties for the claims, adjusting the loss as per the policy terms/conditions and realizing the maximum recovery for subrogation claims to the principals satisfaction.

We also perform Export Surveys of shipments from the United States to any country to verify quantity and quality, that is proper count, acceptable quality (Laboratory Analysis if needed), proper packing and stowage in containers or vessel holds.


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